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Squishii Grip Strengthener Class Pack

Squishii Grip Strengthener Class Pack

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The Squishii™ Grip Strengthener Bundle is the most convenient way to add grip work to your Cubii elliptical workout while improving hand strength and dexterity. Each bundle includes 3 grip strengtheners of increasing resistance levels and a set of 12 Smart Cards.

The Squishii Grip Strengtheners are curved to comfortably support your fingers in the perfect grip position. Each Squishii Grip Strengthener offers a different level of resistance. Our level 1 Squishii provides an average of 10 pounds resistance, level 2 provides an average of 15, and level 3 provides an average of 20. The lightest resistance level is ideal for high-repetition and agility exercises, and the higher resistance levels help build hand and forearm strength.

Intuitive and fun to follow, this set of Smart Cards includes 5 warm-up and stretching exercises to prepare your hands and forearms for grip work, and 7 exercises focusing on finger, hand, and forearm strength and dexterity. The Smart Cards include illustrations, written instructions, and unique QR codes that let you access video demonstrations and guidance for how to follow and modify each exercise.

Product Features

• Includes 3 Squishii Grip Strengtheners at increasing levels of resistance and 12 Smart Cards with easy-to-follow instructions for a well-rounded grip warmup and workout

• Helps to improve hand strength and dexterity through our curated collection of Squishii-compatible hand and forearm exercises

• Squishii Grip Strengtheners feature a curved, ergonomic shape for the most comfortable and supported grip position

• All Smart Cards include a QR code for exclusive access to video demonstrations, extra guidance and modifications, and tips for safely increasing the difficulty of your workout